newSolar® the most innovative sun protection and shielding system. – newSolar – il sistema di protezione e schermatura solare più innovativo

newSolar® il sistema di protezione e schermatura solare più innovativo.

newSolar® the most innovative sun protection and shielding system.

The most important thingDesign has always taught is the exploitation of functionality combined with form.

Aesthetics and utility paired together to embellish, as in a newSolar®.

Designed to innovate, with its structural shape newSolar® represents the most modern concept of roller sunblind shutter available on the market.

Made in aluminium, it has a roller shutter curtain made up of profiles obtained through extrusion (a process that starting from the raw material allows obtaining products with a constant and robust section) and, above all, they can be spaced from each other even at a different distance, actually allowing what no other roller shutter has ever been able to do before: a visual relation between the inside and the outside of a room, adjusting the desired natural light and ventilation at your leisure.

The innovative newSolar® system offers in fact the possibility of customizing the distance between the slats within the same roller shutter curtain, and of modulating at your leisure the opening of the same slats to illuminate and/or ventilate an indoor environment: you can open only a few slats, half of them, or you can completely close them to get windbreak and total darkness effects.

But the spacing slats make newSolar® also a perfect sunblind, to limit glare and solar radiation, up to the possibility of total shielding that guarantees an optimal thermal comfort indoor.

Easy to install, its profiles are designed to provide lightweight and extreme resistance at the same time. It perfectly adapts to any type of room, frame, external environment or architectural style, it resists very well in different climatic conditions and, when completely closed, it also guarantees an excellent sound insulation.

Conceived as an innovative sunblind roller shutter and gradually improved in terms of functionality and form, today newSolar® represents a real “sun protection and shielding system” coming in a range of products with Italian design and production, provided with certifications and European patent and with the exclusive features of great quality, but above all of extreme elegance and long service life.

newSolar® standard, the most configurable sunblind roller shutter system.

newSolar® mini, the less bulky sunblind roller shutter system.

newSolar® elephant, the largest sunblind roller shutter system.

newSolar® bicolor, the two-color sunblind roller shutter that gives freedom to your furniture beyond the façade

newSolar® secure, the safest sunblind roller shutter system.