ELEPHANT the newSolar® for large sizes – newSolar – il sistema di protezione e schermatura solare più innovativo

ELEPHANT the newSolar® for large sizes

newSolar® elephant, the biggest sunblind roller shutter.

“What finally is beauty? Certainly nothing that can be calculated or measured.”
NewSolar® elephant, the largest in the most innovative range of sunblind roller shutters, was created following this belief by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, one of the leading architect-designers founder of the “Modern Movement”.
Enhancing geometry, proportional and modular theories, the weight constraints of the materials it is composed by, and finally the issues related to view and perception, we designed the only aluminium roller shutter that can reach up to 6.00 m width, consisting of great quality and strong slat-profiles with constant section, which do not need to be supported through columns.

But, above all, newSolar® elephant is able to keep all the functional features of its roller shutter curtain and slat-profiles, each 6.6 cm high in sturdy extruded aluminium, which can be adjusted to illuminate, shade the sun or ventilate the environments, choosing the personalization more suited to your needs.
For the configuration of newSolar® elephant you can choose between:

different types of rails for the sliding of the roller shutter curtain;
unique dimension to space the slats within the same roller shutter curtain;
16 standard or custom RAL colours;
integrated lock for final closure;
Compatible with any types of large windows, its dimension can be adapted to any type of box, installation is easy and facilitated through to the two included side rails; the operating mechanism is silent.
Thanks to its big dimensions newSolar® elephant is able to enhance the charm and design of openings with large windows, expressing the global concept of modern architecture that combines in a single product energy-saving functions, solar shielding, noise protection, elegance and design.




Up to 6 meters


You will not have difficulty using it in the most common roller shutter boxes.


This newSolar® can be locked or bolted on the terminal slat


The roller shutter curtain of this new Solar can be ordered with a single 2 cm spacer. In perfect harmony with the size of the slats.


This newSolar® has a wind sealing system of the slats that allows installations with widths up to 6 meters. You will shield each of your windows.


Patented movement that turns the newSolar® into a sunshade