MINI the newSolar® with the smallest encumbrance – newSolar – il sistema di protezione e schermatura solare più innovativo

MINI the newSolar® with the smallest encumbrance

In the innovative range of sunblind roller shutter, newSolar® mini is the best answer to the needs of reduced spaces inside windows and/or French windows to darken the environments.

The technical design carried out on this model created a new form of compatibility between design, newSolar® functionalities and reduced spaces for its allocation, that can be found both during renovation of existing buildings and in new buildings.

Just like any other model of the range, newSolar® mini is a high quality and resistance extruded aluminium sunblind roller shutter that allows you to choose the combination of light and shade you prefer adjusting at the same time the ventilation and privacy of the environments.

Its reduced dimensions and accessories allow you to choose a single dimension to space out the slats from each other within the same roller shutter curtain, in order to enhance their functionality without limiting its solar shielding function, its beauty, its resistance to atmospheric agents and its high performances in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation.

The minimal design of newSolar® mini matches with any architectural style of a building, a single slat-profile is 4.2 cm high and the total width of one of its roller shutter curtain can reach up to 1.70 m for a maximum height of 4.00 m.

For the configuration of newSolar® mini you can choose between:

  • different types of rails for the sliding of the roller shutter curtain;
  • 16 standard or custom RAL colours;
  • manual movement with belt or motorized automation.

Its roller shutter curtain, with a 1.00 m high clear opening, can even be placed in a 14cm roller shutter box, and it is supplied with two basic side rails; its installation is particularly simple.

Renovation of existing windows, new constructions with reduced wall thickness … any space can accommodate the operational features of newSolar®mini and enhance the quality and elegance of furnishings and architecture.

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Patented movement that turns the newSolar® into a sunshade


The newSolar® with the smallest overall dimensions of all models.
Also for external boxes.


This newSolar® can be closed with a lock or latch on the end slat.


The roller shutter curtain of this new Solar can be ordered with a single 2 cm spacer. In perfect harmony with the size of the slats.


This newSolar® model is available with a maximum width of 250cm for a single roller shutter curtain.