STANDARD the first newSolar® – newSolar – il sistema di protezione e schermatura solare più innovativo

STANDARD the first newSolar®

newSolar® standard, the most customizable sunblind roller shutter.

newSolar® standard is the first model of the products in the most innovative range of sunblind roller shutters that allows you to adjust light, air and privacy, as you wish.

Studies and designs carried out for its realization made it the pre-eminent prototype of the design roller shutter that combines elegance, functionality and resistance, synthesizing in a single product the prerogatives of different solar shielding systems.

newSolar® standard allows you to choose the combination of light and shade you prefer by providing different solutions for light and shadow regulation in each environment, and various possibilities for customizing its features – it is therefore the most customizable model of the entire range.

Thanks to its design, it enhances the external architectural aspects of a building as well as the interior furnishings, each slat-profile is 6.6 cm high and the total width of its roller shutter curtain can reach up to 2.50 m.

For the standard configuration of newSolar® you can choose between:

  • different types of rails for the sliding of the roller shutter curtain;
  • up to 4 dimensions to space the slats within the same roller shutter curtain;
  • 16 standard or custom RAL colours;
  • SILENT function for maximum silence during opening-closing;
  • integrated locks for intermediate and final closure;

Structurally, it has minimum dimensions, so that it can be allocated in a regular 25 cm roller shutter box, but it can be adapted to any type of box and, thanks to the two side rails provided as standard, it is easy to install and does not require any specialized intervention.

Completely closed, newSolar® standard achieves top class performance in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation, significantly contributing to energy savings and making any living environment more comfortable.

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This newSolar® model is available with a maximum width of 250cm for a single roller shutter curtain.


You will not have difficulty using it in the most common roller shutter boxes.


This newSolar® can be closed with a lock or latch on the end slat.


It is possible to close this model of newSolar® with intermediate stops as well as on the terminal slat. The height is up to you.


Patented movement that turns the newSolar® into a sunshade


Patented movement that turns the newSolar® into a sunshade.

Silent type.

4 Distance

Maximum configuration.

The roller shutter curtain of this newSolar®  version can be ordered with 4 different spacers: from 3cm, 2cm, 1cm, up to 0.5cm. Several spacers on the same roller shutter curtain are also possible.

Even more spacers on the same roller shutter curtain. Configuration to be communicated at the order placement.


This newSolar® can be locked or bolted on the terminal slat